Because we love AR we want to see it become a positive feature of everyone’s life! We aim to work with clients to challenge the AR landscape and push the boundaries of immersive experiences and story-telling as far as they can go. 

To enable this, Aug-it! navigates businesses and organisations – large and small – through every aspect of designing and implementing arresting and innovative augmented and mixed reality experiences, relevant to their own sphere of activity.  We offer the most-up-to date knowledge of available technology, along with our own design and programming skills, to swiftly create a unique, innovative and fully-costed product.  

Aug-it! is the brand name for a Digital AR Product Design & Immersive Marketing company that advises businesses and other organisations – including retail, entertainment, sports, education etc – on how they can introduce AR into their consumer/user interface; the different types of experience they can deliver; what platforms they function on; what technology support they need (eg. apps, AR Clouds, Content Delivery systems); and what kind of costs are involved. The Aug-it! consultant helps them design their AR experience,develops and/or procures any supporting technology, and works alongside them in promoting, implementing & monetising the product.

Aug-it! is attuned to all the future opportunities there will be to democratise AR, and recognises the revenue streams becoming available through it, as well as the opportunities for essential data gathering to feed back into business planning and decisions.